Friday, July 16, 2010

"Two weeks without you and I still think about things that you said"

Just like you're not getting out of the '80s without Phil Collins, you're can't escape with no Go Gos. So, Vacation is our Friday traditio, not least of which because I need one. I like this version, which differs from the version that became a big hit because it shows the punk roots of the group. It's not the best quality video, but hey, it was a long time ago! Because it is an earlier version of the song, you'll notice that these lyrics are considerably different from the ones in the hit version.

Writing about vacations and my need for one, living in a house with 5 lovely children it should come as no surprise that the leftovers you brought home from date night and were looking forward to eating are gone, or almost gone. Just remember to breathe and count to ten before saying anything. It also helps to have patient and kind spouse to assist you through the grief, especially when it is Hunan lamb.

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