Friday, July 23, 2010

"I think I'm in love 'cause I can't enough"

I don't feel like working really hard today. So. our retro-80s traditio for this Friday is Eddie Money's Think I'm in Love off his 1982 album Out of Control. Nothing really much to comment on, except to say how much I love my wife, who really doesn't like rock n' roll. Maybe it's the attraction of opposites.

The real question for Friday is how much of the current vampire craze can be traced back to Eddie Money? This is something that bears looking into. What else are we going to do while LiLo is in jail, except listen to Mel Gibson's rants over and over?

UPDATE: I almost forgot about this episode of King of Queens in which Doug and Deacon are trying to spend $5,000 in one day. Running out of ideas, they happen to meet Eddie Money at a restaurant and pay him to play Doug's living room, which he does for quite awhile, as their reaction shows:


  1. I love reality. Listening to Mel Gibson's rants really makes anger and frustration easy to identify.

    This whole vampire craze is just ridiculous. I prefer to watch Dexter instead.

    Also, I started a new blog and made my first post yesterday! Please check it out Deacon Scott and let me know if it passes the CL/REBT test.

  2. David:

    Cool on the blog. I'll be happy to check it out and see what up.

    You know, I can identify with Mel for that reason, but I think these rants are alcohol-fuelled. He'd be well-served to give an honest, sober assessment of what's pissing him off. In all honesty, I have a lot of compassion for LiLo, who is a lost girl in need of true friendship.

    Twilight is all about the Mormon vampires, baby! I don't get it either.


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