Friday, May 22, 2009

A few Friday thoughts

It has been a busy and very good day. I did a lot of yard work, finished a pre-residency assignment, and wrote my homily for Sunday, which in our diocese and several other churches in the western United States, is Ascension. I have a lot more reading to do over the next month, but it is interesting stuff. Yesterday, I finished an article I was asked to write. 1,500 words is not a lot of space, you have to make every word count. I ask you, is that not as it should be?

Blogging is a very undisciplined form of writing. I can write about whatever I want for as long as I want. The discipline of school, preaching, committee work and writing articles is very good for me. I am sure that all of these more disciplined endeavors helps my blogging, too.

Look for my homily to be posted at 7:00 PM MDT on Sunday.

Veni Sancti Spiritus, veni per Mariam.

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