Friday, July 31, 2009

"I've seen your face before my friend, but I don't know if you know who I am"

This is a classic, especially if you saw Risky Business in high school, like I did. It is not a movie I really want my own teenage son to see, but then my children have a lot more parental supervision than I ever did, which explains a lot about me! Anyway, In the Air Tonight is our Friday traditio.

As I was grooving to Phil, my lovely wife reminded me of the episode of the radio program This American Life in which Starlee Kine seeks the help of Phil Collins in her attempt to write a break-up song. The episode is Break-up and Starlee's piece is Act One.


  1. I forgot about Risky Business. This song is all Crockett and Tubbs for me.

  2. Deacon Scott -

    I returned home today after a few days in the Adirondack Mountains - I only brought books - no music. I now I sit at my desk - click on your blog - and there's my man Phil! Excellent video. While watching, I was wondering "Is Phil gonna play the drums"?

    My "diaconate" classmates and I are always thinking of things to do together - maybe going to a Phil Collins concert is a good idea.

    Thanks & God bless...

  3. Brian:

    It is an excellent idea, if Phil currently touring. At 43, I am the youngest deacon on my diocese. I don't think I would succeed in getting many of my brothers to attend the Green Day concert 17 August.

    kRad- Good to hear from you. How're things? I was opposite, I didn't think of Miami Vice, wasn't Phil a guest star villian?

  4. Fresh for Lulu's song I Go Crazy- "isn't that nice, like Miami Vice. '80s!


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