Friday, July 31, 2009

Christian marriage and infidelity

In the Faith section of tomorrow's print edition of the Salt Lake Tribune, which appeared on-line in advance, is an article by religion reporter Kristen Moulton: Christian spouses and infidelity. In light of the recent scandals involving South Carolina governor Mark Sanford and Nevada senator John Ensign, both committed Christians, she asks members of the local clergy, including your humble blogger, whether it is necessary or advisable for a spouse who has been cheated on to forgive.

I am happy that our answers are consistent. We all come down on the side of the advisability and necessity to forgive, even when the marriage cannot be salvaged. That consensus being established, I like very much what Julie Hanks has to say: "The expectation of Christians is to forgive... but everyone has their own process and timetable."

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