Sunday, July 19, 2009

More on deacons

Before doing my daily check-in over at Deacon Greg's blog this morning, I had never heard of Meredith Gould. In the combox of his post asking for participation in America magazine's Deacon Dialogues, she mentioned posting something about deacons on her blog. Viola here it is- Meredith's One month into Year of the Priest and I'm thinking "deacons".

Great take Meredith!


  1. You've never heard of me, Deacon Scott? I'm so shocked! Kidding. A bit. Glad you liked my post. As you can tell from my blog, More Meredith Gould, I'm a big fan of adult faith formation and see deacons in the forefront of that these days.

    God bless and thanks for the mention,

    Meredith Gould

  2. The Ironic CatholicJuly 19, 2009 at 8:11 PM

    I got to talk to Meredith a couple of months ago--she's fantastic; smart and fun.

  3. Besides, if Susan recommmends you, you're alright in my book!

  4. My primary ministry is faith formation for adults and not just RCIA! I am glad to know of you now!

  5. I'm a big big big fan of IC! Her irony keeps me sane-ish.


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