Friday, July 24, 2009

Mucha miscellania

While it is a day early (I usually do traditio Friday and miscellania on Saturday), I cannot help but draw attention to several things:

Deacon Greg's post The Faith of Frank McCourt, which pointed me to Peter Duffy's piece in the Wall Street Journal, which bears the same title.

Rocco, of the peerless Whispers, posts something truly beautiful from the Holy Father's vacation.

He also posts Archbishop Lucas' installation homily. I attended to this wonderful passage, one that certainly appeals to us so-called celini:
"You and I will never be able to put ourselves on the line in our time and place – to profess our faith in Jesus – to be witnesses as well as disciples – unless we are sure that He is alive – risen from the dead. We will never be convinced of that truth unless we have a personal encounter with Him, as Peter did. The Holy Spirit makes that personal encounter with the Lord possible right where we live, in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist.In our Catholic faith, we not only remember Jesus, we meet him. We are formed into His living Body by the Holy Spirit. If we are really witnesses to Christ, then we look for opportunities to bring others to Him. We will never convince anyone to put faith in the risen Jesus unless we can offer them a personal experience of Him. That becomes possible when we put ourselves on the line for Him – when it is clear to our neighbors that we will not turn away from Jesus, the living truth, no matter what."
Thanks also to Paul over at Communio for calling to mind the great Maronite saint, Sharbel Makhlouf.

Congrats to the IC and her hubby, who celebrate 10 years of marriage today!

Finally, I am on my own today. So, for Friday penance I ate a can of salmon that is been in our lazy susan since I don't know when and washed it down with a beer. Despite the labelling, it is not boneless. Maybe I will updating you from the hospital later.

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