Friday, July 10, 2009

Living our humanity differently because we encountered Christ

In a very insightful post regarding the flap initially stirred up by George Weigel’s National Review Online critique of Caritatis in veritate, the tone and tenor of which Weigel sustains in a Newsweek column in which he apparently sought to cast aspersions on today's meeting between pope and president before it even took place, on America magazine’s In All Things blog, Michael Sean Winters causes me to wonder if he has been attending School of Community. He mentioned CL once before in a post prior to the release of the encyclical. The reason I am posting the quote below, however, is not to speculate about Mr. Winters, even if in a good way, but because it is beautiful-

"Obama was a community organizer when Bernardin was archbishop of Chicago. The future president was inspired by his leadership and his compassion. In other words, Cardinal Bernardin, by showing how he lived his humanity differently because of his encounter with Christ, changed the heart of another person by his example. There is a word for that: evangelization" (underlining emphasis mine).

Here's clip from Politico of President Obama's Vatican visit that is circulating widely throughout the Catholic blogosphere

The Holy Father in the Vatican; it doesn't get anymore Friday traditio than that- a deep diaconal bow to my Facebook friend Fred!

As is her wont, the irrepressible Peggy Noonan offers the wisest and most realistic media take on Gov. Sarah Palin's decision to resign from office in her Opinion Journal piece- A Farewell to Harms: Palin was bad for the Republicans—and the republic.

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