Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A mid-summer reflection

I really didn't mean for yesterday's post to sound like a valedictory address, but I was very happy and, for me, happiness leads to gratitude. Now if I can just be grateful when things aren't going so well! I also feel that being able to publish something for a wider audience is a vindication of my blogging, even though my blogging lately has been reduced.

Some say that blogs are already a thing of the past and have been overtaken by Facebook, Twitter, and other new forms of so-called social media. I am convinced that quality writing on matters of interest will always be timely, even in print! I hope that my blog occupies a unique space. I think back to the reason I began to blog on a regular basis: requests from people in my parish. Initially, it was a place to further discussions about theology, politics, spirituality, and popular culture. I like that way of seeing what I am doing in this (cyber) space.

Besides, there are precious few deacon bloggers. I very much see blogging as a part of my diaconal ministry. I consider it ministry precisely because I do not hold back, which does not mean being irresponsible, though I have undoubtedly exercised questionable judgment at times, which is why I seek and cherish being held accountable by my readers. For anyone not familiar with these pages, I encourage you to go back and read in the archive, even as I endeavor to write about new things, or old things with new insights.

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