Thursday, October 9, 2008

What happens when reason is divorced from faith

Angelo Matera, writing over on Godspy, contributes another deeply insightful article, Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand, and the Libertarian God that Failed. A deep diaconal bow to Sharon over at Clarity Daily for bringing this to my attention. Matera cites a New York Times article The Reckoning: Taking a Hard Look at the Greenspan Legacy, by Peter Goodman, which I also recommend. I like Matera's article because he cuts right to the chase:

"I’d always wondered how a rigid anti-government libertarian ideologue like Greenspan—an Ayn Rand disciple, no less—managed to get appointed to the most powerful economic post in the world. If he had been running the Food and Drug Administration, he would have been exposed within a few months, as soon as the first deaths caused by lax food inspection started happening. But the byzantine complexities of global finance, and the fact that Ponzi Schemes can run for a long time before collapsing, meant Greenspan could reign for twenty years before the effects of his blindness would be seen in today’s financial meltdown."
In a spirit of bi-partisan fairness, Greenspan hornswoggled (I've been waiting to use that word for a long time) Democrats and Republicans, presidents, senators, and members of the House.

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