Monday, October 6, 2008

An invitation

Charles Peguy

I posted today over at Cahiers Peguy: the drama of Christian humanism, which, due to Sharon's wonderful diligence and insight, we're using to more clearly engage the charism of CL, which is nothing other than the charism given to our dear Don Gius, which we have all received and accepted, by responding to the invitation to "Come to see," with politics and culture. Trust me, it is no echo chamber, but, as the headers says, quoting Peguy, it is "a friendship and a city and a perfectly free association of men [and women] who all believe in something".

So, I invite you to read my post, Inherent complexity defies reduction, which is a response to another post, along with all the other faithful perspectives, including Sr. Edith's insightful Faithful Citizenship and the Common Good, also posted yesterday.

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