Friday, October 17, 2008

Hierarchy update

It was announced today by the Holy See that sixty year-old Bishop Dennis M. Schnurr of Duluth, Minnesota was named as coadjutor archbishop of Cincinnati, Ohio. As with Bishop Quinn, who was announced this week as coadjutor in Winona, Minnesota, Bishop Schnurr replaces a 74 year-old ordinary. He replaces Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, who has served as archbishop of Cincinnati since 1982. Can we say of coadjutors that they preplace?

Bishop Schunurr's transfer increases the number of vacant sees in the United States from seven to eight.

I remember now-Archbishop Niederauer joking with me once and asking What is the difference between an auxiliary bishop and a coadjutor? I confessed ignorance (an all-too rare thing for me). He replied by telling me that an auxiliary says, Hello, Bishop how are you today?; a coadjutor asks, How's your health?

Here is the great poster the Seattle community made for my visit.


  1. in the poster, is that nude a woman or a man??

  2. It looks like a man with his junk tucked between his legs.


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