Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An extraordinary evening

Last night at the dedication of Holy Family Parish, I had the opportunity to sit for supper with a group of distinguished gentlemen, all of whom are priests of the Diocese of Salt Lake City and one Jesuit priest who has long served here. It was my privilege to be in their company. It was a delightfully mixed group with three monsignors, including the pastor of the parish in which we reside, Msgr. Daz and two of our younger priests, including Fr. Sam Dinsdale, our youngest pastor. Our group also included Fr. Ken Villapondo, pastor of St. Joseph's in Ogden, which includes some 4,000 families. Msgr. Daz, Fr. Dinsdale, and I are all Ogden natives.

The food was good, the wine fine, and the company extraordinary. I thank God for all of them, for their service and their sacrifice, all of which have been instrumental in building our diocese, the church in Utah.

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