Thursday, October 16, 2008

Notes and asides

I am not up to saying much new today. I want to draw attention to four posts that I found very good. The first is by my friend Sharon posting over on Clarity. She sets forth a very clear-headed take on the current election in Unreasonable Choices. The next one is by another dear friend, Rebecca, posting on Faith's Mystery, entitled Rock the Vote- v2.

Sharon posts the Synod Intervention by Archbishop Pezzi, Moscow. Archbishop Pezzi is a member of the Fratrenity of St. Charles Borromeo, which is a priestly order established in 1985 and is born of the charism of CL, the charism of our beloved Don Giussani. Like Fr. Carrón's intervention, His Excellency's is well worth your time.

To end on a lighter note, the IC, as always, shows concern for our souls in this digital age by How To Be A Catholic "Tips on a Clip" Campaign.

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