Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Memoriam

Rocco, writing over on Whispers, reminds us of an event that happened thirty years ago today. The Salt and Light video Rocco posted made me cry. What gift JPII was to the church, to the world.

Over on Communio, Paul has a wonderful post Msgr. Luigi Giussani speaks about Pope Paul. As long-time readers know, I love Papa Montini. So, did Don Gius. Papa Montini, prior to becoming Pope, was the Archbishop of Milan. So, he was then-Fr. Giussani's bishop and one who encouraged his charism, that is, CL, while it was still in its early form.

Here is what Giussani said about the pontificate of Montini:
"The papacy of Paul VI was one of the greatest papacies! He had demonstrated during the first part of his life an extreme sensitivity for all the problems of the anguished condition of modern man and society. And he found a response! He gave this response during his last ten years. The papacy of Paul VI is a failure only to someone who has not thoroughly examined it."

Papa Roncalli, Papa Montini, Papa Luciani, Papa Wojtyla- pray for us!

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