Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The need for lies (re: fetal stem cells) done away with!

This is big news, indeed: Embryonic Stem Cells and Those Pro-Science Pro-Lifers, by Joseph Bottum. No more whismical death-dealing! I am tired of negotiating about the right of people to exist, to live! Without the right to life, which our founding fathers correctly explicated in the Declaration of Independence, all other rights are kind of meaningless. No wait! All other rights ARE absolutely meaningless! You have the right to free speech, unless you're killed before birth, during birth, or shortly after being born. Besides, fetal stem cells to date have produced ZERO therapies, not that that would make it moral.

Proponents of fetal stem cell research are either victims of a dupe, or are downright dishonest. This was much the same with those who tried to convince us that partial birth abortions were sometimes medically necessary. We can safely say that on the basis of reason alone, the harvesting of fetal stem cells from embryos and fetuses is intrinsically evil, as is the creation of embryos for that very purpose. This makes the Colbert exchange with Prof. Silver all the more relevant.

The new epigraph of the Ironic Catholic is apropos here, a quote from our dearly departed Flannery: "You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you odd".

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