Thursday, November 8, 2007

From the "What the frickin' heck" (an uniquely Utah locution) files :

I made this post a bit of a lark because it marks my 365th post of 2007!

First from my dear friend Rocco over at Whispers:
From the Late-Night Desk, then

from Grant Gallicho, editor of Commonweal, which is one of the best Catholic magazines going, on their dotCommonweal blog, Abuser Priest Released on Bond, not to mention

the number two at the Holy See's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, saying in a recent speech that bishops opposed to the new norms were being "used as instruments of the devil". Perhaps the Holy Father should fly to France, call a plenary session of the entire French episcopate, who not only opposed the motu, but passionately pleaded with the Pope not to promulgate it, for the purpose of an exorcism. Too bad they recently concluded their deliberations at Lourdes. Okay, I am being extreme, but some days . . .

Now, back over to Rocco for some very good news. In a rare act of good sense and wisdom, President Bush has appointed Professor Mary-Ann Glendon of Harvard, who also serves as president of the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences, as United States Ambassador to the Holy See.

I am taking a risk here. After all, doesn't love require risk? For tomorrow's traditio it is either Joy Division in honor of the release this weekend of the film Control, which I hope to see at Brewvies after being on retreat that morning, or The Cure. In addition to which group, which song? The comment line is open. I am being authoritarian, not authoritative, by limiting the choices to The Cure or Joy Division to the point of even excluding New Order.

In other news, the intermonk, who writes from a post-evangelical perspective, like Καθολικός διάκονος, is not scared of atheism, namely The Golden Compass movie, which features the Catholic, Nicole Kidman.

Finally, I put this randomness to rest with this from Matthew Lickona.

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