Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ironic brilliance

Colbert has, sadly, withdrawn from the presidential contest, but, as he did with Richard Dawkins, Prof. Silver gets his philosophical lunch eaten by Stephen. Of course it helps when your opponent is unskilled in the art of debate. Ignore the "This video is no longer available" sign, it is.

As a Saturday twofer, here is the Dawkins replay, since it was taken away from youtube, but made available on Comedy Central.

A diaconal bow to the Ironic Catholic for the Silver vid!

I would put Peter Berkowitz' boilerplate editorial as to why many people have an adverse reaction to our current president in neither the brilliant nor the ironic category. It is nice to unlock the secrets of my motivations via another Murdoch-controlled media enterprise. I think I read several variations of this same article written by Democrat ideologues during the Clinton years. I'll save you the trouble of reading it: If you don't agree with me you are either crazy or evil. There is a third possibility- you're both! What silliness.

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  1. O yeah, China is zooming ahead of us in technology. What other country has produced date-rape toys for kids or poisonous pet foods?