Thursday, December 31, 2009

Καθολικός διάκονος year in review

Below are my picks by month of the blog posts I remember. As might be expected, some months it was difficult to choose even one and others it was tough find only one. I do not include homilies, as these are written in a different vein than posts; post being written spontaneously with no planning. I would be happy to have readers share their favorite post or posts in the combox.

December- True Knowledge Wounds Us

November- Jesus Makes Clean and Whole

October- Love is the only reason

September- Our on-going cultural embrace of non-being

August- "resistance to the annhilation of the human subject"

July- Of human rights

June- Why deacons?

May- YouTube Orthodoxy and Saturday miscellania

April- April begins, the snow continues, notes on ecumenism, and the ND controversy goes on

March- Patience takes time, being patient costs us time, but it is well spent

February- Abraham Lincoln's 200th

January- What sacrifice?

This year I posted 355 times, making 2009 the first year since I began blogging seriously in 2006 that I did not average at least a post a day. There are now 1,353 post on this blog. Who knows what 2010 holds? So, this wraps up another year on Καθολικός διάκονος. I pray that everyone has a great New Year's Eve!

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