Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few random items

It is a strange day, akin perhaps to Holy Saturday, the quiet before storm. There is a lot going on, but I am remaining calm, prayerful, hopeful. I am especially hopeful in light of the fact that my beloved Utes are playing tonight in the Poinsettia Bowl against the University of California Golden Bears. A Ute win is all the more necessitated by the win of our arch rival, BYU, last night. The Cougs walloped Oregon State in the Las Vegas Bowl. This is a good place to admit that I root for all Mountain West Conference teams to win their bowl games, especially against teams from BCS conferences, like the PAC-10. Yes, I even root for the Y. So, way to go Cougs! GO UTES!
UPDATE: Utes beat Cal 37-27 for their 9th bowl victory in a row, the longest in the nation to finish this season 10-3.

We had our Cathedral staff luncheon this afternoon. I had the privilege of sitting next to and getting caught up with our Vicar General, who also serves as our Vicar for Clergy, Msgr. Fitzgerald, who embodies for me what being a priest means, a man whose love of the church, kindness, intelligence, energy, and sound judgement are unparalleled.

Anyway, the celebration and commemoration of the Lord's Nativity is nigh. As Advent comes to a close, I pray Maranatha- Come Lord Jesus!

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