Thursday, May 24, 2007

Truly catholic

The B-Movie Catechism is a blog after my own heart. EegahInc has encouraged me to continue in my effort to reconcile my Catholic faith with my love of popular music. Therefore, coming tommorrow, part one of a projected five part Gram Parsons Project: a surprising duo singing Parsons' Love Hurts, a song made popular by the Scottish group Nazareth. Installments will be posted on Fridays.

(Diaconal bow to Fr. Erik for his post)


  1. I didn't have your email address. Here is something we got from NY today; not sure if you got it:
    today (5/24), at 2:00pm (Eastern Time) a presetnation of the English edition of "The Risk of education" will take place in London.

    Fr. Carron, Dr. Peter E. Hodgson, Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University, and Prof. John Milbank, Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics at Nottingham University will be the panelists.

    It will be possible to follow the conference connecting to

  2. Thanks, Alex. I will definitely check it out.