Thursday, May 17, 2007

On a personal note

I feel a bit badly that my posting as of late has not consisted of much more than putting up the best of what I have been reading. I am not that apologetic, however, about posting a lot of what the Holy Father said in Brazil. As is characteristic of him, what he said is so relevant, so current, and yet so timeless. Nonetheless, I have had a bevy of other things going on as well (i.e., family, work, yard work, parish ministry, etc.). Not least among these is my preparation for my first summer residency for my master's degree in Pastoral Ministry. There is a lot of reading and I also have several writing assignments due. I hope that I can begin to incorporate some of my reflections on all this reading here on the blog.

Of most interest right now is my reading of Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez's The God of Life . Gutierrez is now a Dominican, he was formerley a priest of the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru. What you may not know is that Gutierrez is the father of liberation theology. Liberation theology now is best described as liberation theologies, but the whole movement began with Gutierrez's groundbreaking A Theology of Liberation. Now, lest we paint with a broom, Gutierrez's theology has always remained loyal and faithful to the magisterium. In this book, The God of Life he does deep, biblical theology. It is the kind of book that immediately engages me on a very deep level. It changes you as you read it, not in some superficial way, but in a deep way, a way that doesn't just inform, but forms.

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