Friday, December 30, 2011

"You believed in me, but I'm broken"

Lost in Paradise by Evanescence is our last Friday traditio of 2011. The song is off the group's eponymous (i.e., self-titled) third album. "Evanescence" is that which evanesces, or dissipates like vapor. Time certainly dissipates like vapor. I have to say that this year is a year I am not sorry to see pass. It is a year that changed me more than any year I can think of going back a long way.

At least originally, "apocalypse" meant "to uncover." What has been revealed to me this year is the transitory nature of life, which is hardly a new or original discovery, I know. But more than that, what I have experienced is how much I long for what is not transitory, but that which lasts

I've been believing in something so distant/As if I was human/And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness/In me...

It is not what I grasp abstractly, but what I learn through experience, that I really know and understand if not completely, then certainly better. Experience, after all, is the instrument for my human journey.

So, that's enough for one year. I'll catch you, dear reader, in 2012.


  1. Powerful one Scott.
    Blessings that God will meet us all in the New Year too and be with us whatever it brings to the door.

  2. Dear Philomena,

    Thank you. Yes, may God meet us in this new year whatever may come. How else would we face it?

    Peace to you dear friend!

  3. Beautiful post, it is true that realizing more and more how human we are makes us able to receive the many precious gifts of faith in God.

  4. And it is via your Human Journey that you guide the rest of us...

    Infinite Blessings to you and Yours, Deacon Dodger!

    God Love You ♥♥

  5. You, too dear friends. Here's to 2012, as Philomena said, whatever it brings! I enjoy your writing very much. So, keep at it! I also enjoy Philomena's. Hopefully, we all help on our own small ways, our fellow pilgrims.


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