Friday, December 16, 2011

"Doot Doot Doot..."

Freur's Doot Doot, released in 1983, is our Friday traditio for this Third Friday in Advent.

Christopher Hitchens, "Hitch," passed away today. While I disagreed with him on the most fundamental matters, I appreciated his humanism, which is something he had in common with his brother Peter, with whom I agree on most important matters. Hitch's book Why Orwell Matters is without a doubt the best book on Orwell I have read. It is a monument to Hitch's care for the human. It seems, as his book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything attests, that his biggest problem with religion is the inhumanity that religious institutions and religious people often exhibit. One doesn't have to be an atheist or even irreligious to grasp this sad truth. I believe an admission along these lines is what endeared Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete to him during a public discussion they had on religion a few years back in New York City. Suffice it say that news of Hitch's passing this morning makes me sad.

What's in a name?/Face on a stage/Where are you now?/Memory fades, you take a bow

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