Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Saturday

This is strangest day of the liturgical year. It is a day of silence between Good Friday and the Easter Vigil, a silence that symbolizes Jesus Christ in the tomb, a day on which there are still no masses, no weddings, no funerals, no ordinations, only emergency baptisms and anointings. Appropriately, there are confessions. The churches are still stripped bare with the exception of those, like the women visting the tomb and anointing his body, who are getting ready the flowers and decorations for Easter. It is a time for silence, a time of prayer, a time to pre-prayer, and apparently to make-up new words while blogging.


  1. can you help with a family dispute? To take part in the full Easter Triduum, does the Holy Saturday Service, the Easter Vigil, complete your Easter participation; or should you still go to Mass on Easter Sunday? Thanks for you help and A blessed and happy Easter to you all.

  2. Participation in the Easter Vigil counts as your Easter obligation. So, while you are certainly free and even encouraged to attend Mass on Easter Sunday, if you assisted at the Vigil, you have no obligation.

    Have a blessed Easter.