Friday, April 17, 2009

"What will pass for mercy now, we practice unforgivingly"

I am rapidly tiring of the culture war- President Obama giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame, some items being covered at Georgetown University during the president's economic speech, etc. The more I consider it the more I agree with my wise friend, Fred, that this culture war is not the answer to the fundamental problem of education. The CL judgment on the ND controversy speaks well to this fact. It seems to me that when we get all wound up about such things that we lose the larger perspective and descend to the level of mere politics, of mere ideology, thus further compromising our witness to the One whose disciples we claim and aim to be and reduce faith. After all, we have to accept what we cannot control. The question becomes, how do we face these circumstances?

Anyway, it is the first Friday of Easter and time for our traditio. So, today I offer Joe Henry singing God Only Knows:

"God only knows that we mean well/God knows that we just don’t know how/But I’ll try to be your light in love/And pray that is enough for now/I’ll try to be your light in love..." Joe is absolutely correct that might and will neither make us right nor free. We must stop acting like they do.

UPDATE: I moved the post after this over to Cahiers.

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