Friday, April 3, 2009

"There is no blood around see no sign of pain.."

"And I can't watch any more; no more denial...I'm bathing in it." Red Rain is this week's traditio. Peter's lovely daughter, Melanie, sings back-up on this. I have always liked Gabriel's music. Like a lot of contemporary music, it makes a direct appeal to our religious sense, to our desire, it doesn't get beyond it, but then what does? Nothing can make whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Red rain, indeed.

Speaking of the religious sense, check out the IC's Friday's QOTD.

Our annual Chrism Mass for the Diocese of Salt Lake City was just beautiful last night. A memorable part of this grand celebration was, after we deacons renewed our vows, Bishop Wester said some words about our wives, about their sacrifices. It's funny that I can't remember what he said, but I being very moved by his sincere words.

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