Friday, April 24, 2009


Bach's Brandenburg Concerto, No. 5, i. Allegro played by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra is our traditio for this Easter Friday.

Oh, and my Jazz won one from the Lakers last night! Since I have introduced this bit of miscellania, why not a little more?

I do not shy away from matters of sex and sexuality in this cyberspace. So, I appreciate very much what Steven Crowder writes over on the Big Hollywood blog - Appreciate My Indifference To Your Sexuality. I linked to Crowder's post via The Anchoress, who adds "I think the gay community does not really understand that most folks don’t care who they sleep with - they just resent having it all shoved in their faces, so they’re forced to react - it’s a set-up." I would add that such a desparate need for socio-religious approval is a pretty good indication that something is not quite right. Again, to reduce yourself or anyone else to their sexuality is dehumanizing. Very often our sexuality is the most difficult part of our personality to integrate. We live in a society that presents every imaginable obstacle to such a healthy integration. Herein lies the set-up: instead of being able help each other, we get into knock-down, drag out arguments that do not leave any of us better for it, just weary and resigned. The kind of weary resignation exhibited by Doug Kmiec and others, who are seriously advocating that there should be no such thing as state-recognized marriage. In other words, "I don't care if you don't care."

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