Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hierarchy update

It was announced this morning that the Holy Father has named His Excellency, Bishop Robert Carlson, who was serving as the bishop of Saginaw, Michigan, as the new archbishop of St. Louis. Prior to leading the Diocese of Saginaw, Bishop Carlson headed the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD. It was also announced that Bishop Robert Cunningham is being transferred from the Diocese of Ogdensburg, N.Y. to the Diocese of Syracuse, replacing Bishop Moynihan, whose resignation was accepted by the Holy Father, Moynihan having reached 75 almost two years ago.

With these appointments there are now six vacant sees in the U.S.: Cheyenne, Wyoming; Duluth, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Ogdensburg, N.Y.; Owensboro, Kentucky; Saginaw, Michigan.

The number of Latin rite bishops currently serving beyond the mandatory retirement age of 75 (i.e., bishops whose resignations the Holy Father has not accepted) is now at eleven.


Hughes- New Orleans, LA; Curtiss- Omaha, NE; Brunett- Seattle, WA;


Tafoya- Pueblo, CO; Cooney- Gaylord, MI; Peña- Brownsville, TX; Carmody- Corpus Christi, TX; D'Arcy- Ft Wayne-South Bend, IN; Higi- Layfette, IN; Cullen- Allentown, PA; Skylstad- Spokane, WA.

On an unrelated note: Last night I posted "Perez… that’s a very hot topic in our country right now" and..., over on Cahiers.


  1. Actually, Bishop Bernard Harrington of the Diocese of Winona is also serving beyond his 75th birthday. He does have a coadjutor bishop assisting him though.

  2. There are a few dioceses that have coadjutor bishops, like Winona and Cincinnati. I do not include those because those sees will not become vacant, even when the incumbent's resignation is accepted.


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