Friday, August 15, 2008

"All you've got to do is believe and All you've got to do is receive"

As a new Christian, a new Catholic who found many members of the Catholic clergy very put out by requests for pastoral help, Glenn Kaiser saved me many times with the sage advice he gave in his Kaiz Replies column in the old print version of Cornerstone magazine. He still doles out great pastoral advice on his website (which I have added to My Own Personal Linkage list). On days I received a new copy of C-stone, which came out erratically, but oddly enough always seemed to arrive when I needed it, I put off whatever else I was doing and read it cover to cover. By reading it, I learned a lot about being a Christian in the late modern U.S.A., both in terms of what to seek and what to eschew (I had to use that word). I was once the Cornerstone trekker of the month, having my picture taken holding a copy of Cornerstone while standing in Cleopatra's Gate in Tarsus, St. Paul's hometown.

The worship album, All My Days, on which this song about Glenn's conversion was initially released, is a prayer starter for me on many days. I just wanted to say publicly, as one who now ministers, that is, deacons, how much Glenn served me, even across a distance and not in person. So, thanks Glenn for your continued witness. You are, indeed, a protagonist.


  1. Wow, I have not thought about Glenn Kaiser for years and years and years! Thanks for the mental jog!

    By the way, weren't you supposed to be hiatus-ing? :)

  2. I tried taking a hiatus, but I found that rather than detracting from what I needed to do, blogging stimulates it. So, it is working out just fine. If I need to slow down a bit for a few days or a week or two, I will. Besides, I always have some topic running through my head and this is an outlet for sitting down and rendering it somewhat coherently. Who knows, maybe somebody else gets somthing out of it?

    I still visit the JPUSA pages every once-in-while.

  3. Well, I'm glad you're not hiatus-ing :) And I feel very much the same about blogging and life.

  4. I just received an e-mail response from Glenn saying he might be playing a Christian biker thing here. I don't have leathers or a bike, but if he comes, I'll hop in my station wagon and go!


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