Friday, August 29, 2008

"Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV"

For Labor Day weekend, Green Day covers John Lennon's Working Class Hero with an international spin. This, dear friends, is our Friday traditio. I love this song because it speaks to my experience, but no overly personal sharing. Suffice it say, success came to me rather later in life. What redeemed me, in this regard, was my love for reading and my existential uneasiness, which led to an event that is an encounter, finding the You who corresponds to my I, to my heart. In turn, I have come to know, borrowing words from Bishop N.T. Wright, "'Amor, ergo sum:' I am loved, therefore I am".


  1. I enjoy the song. It does suggest a bit of an inferiority complex on John Lennon's part, related to class.

  2. Perhaps, I really don't know. I believe he came from a working class, but not terribly poor family in Liverpool. But then, English society tends, even now, to be pretty class conscious.

    I also think, at least to some extent, that it describes the experience of a lot of us who went through the educational, industrial complex. Writing quite honestly, my education did not begin until I finished high school. I did not really settle on a career, though I had a variety of jobs, until I was 31.


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