Saturday, August 30, 2008

A few additional notes and asides

In my on-going desire not to be a captive of ideology and to give credit where it is due, Gov. Palin appears to be solidly pro-life. She and her husband are Christians and attend an Assemblies of God church. Living her life in accord with her convictions, in April of this year she gave birth to her fifth child, who, as prenatal genetic testing had revealed, has Downs syndrome. She has publicly spoken of Trig as a gift from God. I don't care what your political leanings are, that is cool and not just because they're from Alaska. Perhaps she can have some conversations with Sen. McCain and sort out his reasoning on this issue as regards fetal stem cell harvesting. Oh, that Sen. Obama would listen to Sen. Casey or many of the other pro-life Dems now serving in Congress!

Raphael's The Disputation

The People of St. Mary Magdalene, I have just written a post, On being faithful citizens. This post is really numbers 31-39 of the USCCB's Faithful Citizenship document, approved and promulgated last November in anticipation of this year's election. These numbers get to heart of the issues I have been trying address these past few days. In particular, number 34 strikes me as relevant to the dicussion here.

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