Saturday, August 16, 2008

Books and Balthasar

The other day over on Deep Furrows, Fred provided a link to a blog that, in turn, provided this link to a blow out sale at Ignatius Press. Of course, being a notorious bibliophile, I immediately went to the sale page. Consequently, I purchased:

Hugo Rahner's Church and State in Early Christianity for $3.00
Balthasar's Explorations in Theology, Vol. 3, Creator Spirit for $5.00 (I have the first two volumes)
Balthasar's Theo-logic, Vol. 1, The Truth of the World for $9.00
Balthasar's Theo-logic, Vol. 2, The Truth of God for $9.00
Balthasar's Theo=logic, Vol. 3, The Truth of the Spirit for $9.00 (I have The Glory of the Lord and spent considerable time with his aesthetics)

So, for $41.00, which includes shipping, I bought books that would have cost somewhere between $120.00-$140.00. A great deal. Of course, I had to purchase, which I did rather inexpensively through a seller on Amazon, Fr. Aidan Nichols' Say It is Pentecost: A Guide Through Balthasar's Logic. This will be project after my master's degree is done. Fr. Nichols, with whom I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in SLC some years ago, is a great expositor of Balthasar. Probably the best introductory book for anyone unfamiliar with Balthasar and wanting to read him, which is an intimidating prospect, is Fr Edward Oakes' Pattern of Redemption: The Theology of Hans Urs Von Balthasar.


  1. The folks at Ignatius may wonder at what may become a viral phenomenon -- mass purchases of Theo-Logic! Thanks to you and Fred on this, I dutifully followed suit.

  2. I received them today. The box was huge. I am resisting the urge.


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