Friday, August 1, 2008

We must not be defeated by the world

If we do not let the Lord work in our lives, even in the bad circumstances, "then we are defeated; we are overcome by pain and evil. It is just as well that the Mystery did not think it useless to have mercy on our nothingness and, through a fourteen-year-old girl, entered into history," said Fr. Carron recently to a gathering of teachers. Mary's "Yes", Carron continued, "was the most important fact in history, but we do not really believe it, so when we are faced with a difficulty or a failure, we are defeated. We talk a lot about family, society - all important factors - but do we have an 'I' able to communicate? This requires us not to be defeated" (Traces, Vol 10- No. 6- 2008 pg 26)?

Remember today, on this day of abstinence, this penitential day, that the "victory that conquers the world is our faith" in Jesus Christ, who, indeed, by His perfect deed, conquered the world, even death (1 Jn 5,4-5). Let us live today in the awareness of this fact, in the awareness that the victory over all that afflicts us has already been secured.

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