Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something cool for today and tomorrow as a make up for last week

To make up for missing last week and to show that I am not really a party pooper to all you V-day-o-philes (note the name of the store they go into in Our Lips Are Sealed), a double dose of the Go-Gos, whose bassist is/was Kathy Valentine, for this week's Καθολικός διάκονος traditio, and a day early. So, here are the the cuties of the LA punk scene. Yes, the L.A. punk scene. If you knew it, then you'd know. The sound quality on We Got the Beat is not great, but this early video, filmed in London, is a great flashback. The song works much better with a raucous, particpating, out-of-control audience.

That's more like it, home at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go- L.A. 1981.

Go-Go music really makes us dance
Do the Pony puts us in a trance
Do the Watusi just give us a chance
That's when we fall in line

Yes it does:

Yes, there are a million and one other things I should be doing. Help!!


  1. I think I've got a three way tie going on who I'd choose as my "dance" partner. :0) All are of the male gender and no, the guy with the football isn't one of them. j

  2. As long as it is not the guy with the football, I'd say you're in good shape.

  3. He's kind of growing on me.

    Who needs help now?!

  4. Frank is complaining about bandwidth. I think he's just worried about the competition! :)


  5. the crotch-grab guy is my husband!

  6. From the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madsen: "I award you zero points and may God have mercy on your soul"