Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last week's missing traditio

V-day in way too many offices. Title: Preparing for the V-day Club Scene, or Work, the way it was meant to be. You make the call.


  1. Yeah! I was worried we were being forced to give up the Friday traditio for Lent :)

  2. It's funny you would mention that as, after I forgot, it crossed my mind. Being opposed to reacting, I decided not to forego it. Besides, I enjoy it a great deal.

  3. Work, the way it was meant to be. Most Definitely!

    Thanks for the chuckle, Scott. Wonder why I love this nerdy dancing stuff so much.

    Actually, our Michelle could blow these guys out of the water with her 'Gump Dance' (when he was a kid - the Elvis inspiration) or when she suddenly begins channeling Tina Turner. The crowd roars! Well, its a small crowd. But anyway....

    Keep it coming, please. :0)

    Hope your weekend is delightful.


  4. That is two for Work, the way it was meant to be So, what'd you think of We got the beat- the movie?

  5. Thats great! There's hope then!

    As for We got the beat- the Movie, I think I'd feel right at home there. (I loved it, of course!)



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