Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cyber community

In a spirit of Lenten goodwill, I direct the anonymous poster, who obviously took offense to my post In the Catholic Church deacons are clergy, which I posted more than a month ago, to another post, Deacons are clergy, part III- A correction. Part II was about permanent deacons and celibacy. However, I fail to see what relevance the issue had to my post Soul Strumming.

Just as I am reminded from time-to-time by readers, like Adrian, who help hold me accountable for what I post, I remind readers that I do not mind publishing anonymous posts as long they are relevant and not negative or critical. Just as I am willing to own everything I write here, including mistaken posts, which I do not delete, like the original deacons are clergy post, I expect commenters to write with the same integrity. I dislike passive-aggressive behavior, especially when I engage in it. So, let's help each other out.

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