Monday, January 14, 2008

Deacons are clergy, part III- A correction

Adrian writes regarding my post In the Catholic Church deacons are clergy:

"Hi Scott

I would read the note again. I think you will find it is suggesting you come, but not to bring anyone else."

I respond:

You know, I had not thought of that? You're probably correct. I readily admit to being somewhat easily put on the defensive as regards the status of deacons, which speaks to my insecurity and the employment of an ego defense. I suppose the reason I read the note the way I did is because I assumed up-front that the dinner is a men's only affair.

So, thanks Adrian for breaking me out of my ego and making things clearer. I am sorry for misreading the KofC note. I am now putting away my "jump to conclusions mat" (Office Space reference). While humbling, I am always grateful to be held accountable, especially by readers. My social graces, which I was raised sorely lacking, obviously need work! I still maintain the note was poorly worded precisely because it was open to a negative interpretation.

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