Friday, January 25, 2008

"While every line speaks the language of love"

It was good to take a week off from blogging. I am back with our Friday traditio. The CL National Diaconia was great. I will post something later from my notes about the conversion of St. Paul, the feast of which we celebrate today. In the meantime, just as with The White Stripes last week, I have been eager to post this song by my dearly beloved Beth, whose music and lyrics are so expressive and have a depth that probably keeps her from becoming a major star.

And I cant decide over right or wrong.
I guess sometimes you need the place where I belong

While on the subject of things musical, Sharon has posted over on Cahiers (our CL community blog) a picture and link about the concert we all attended in Manhattan, held in the Cooper Union Grand Hall, last Saturday evening, featuring Vaneese Thomas. On percussion was our own, much loved, Riro Maniscalco, whom several of you here in Salt Lake met back in September when he visited and taught Sunday morning Adult Rel/Ed. My group arrived to the concert so early that we were not allowed in yet. So, we sauntered down the street to a little bar. We sauntered back to this same little bar after the concert, too. I still have one question, "When does the R train arrive?"

My dear friend Rocco over at Whispers has a great post on our gathering in NYC this past weekend for CL's National Diaconia, at which my friend Carlo provided me with the great pleasure of meeting Fr. Julían in person. Rocco posts specifically on the conference at NYU on Sunday afternoon in which the question Can Faith Broaden Reason? was addressed as a way of launching the publication in English of the book by Don Gius, Is It Possible to Live This Way?, which will be what we will read in School of Community beginning shortly. For those interested, our newly formed SLC SoC will meet at 7:30 PM at the Cathedral of the Madeleine next Wednesday, 30 January. We will gather in the Our Lady of Zion chapel at 7:30 PM for the recitation of the Angelus.

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