Thursday, December 6, 2007

CL in Salt Lake City

St. Nicholas
Last night we held our very first School of Community in the rectory of The Cathedral of the Madeleine. This is marks the beginning of something that has been developing here for awhile. Because our first meeting occurred on the vigil of the memorial of St. Nicholas, I suppose he is something of our heavenly patron. At present, we are planning one other meeting before Christmas, on Wednesday, 19 December, at 7:30 PM and one between New Year and the National Diaconia, which is 18-21 January 2008, on a Wednesday yet to be determined. For information, please contact me. A comment on this blog will work initially, or you can call me at The Cathedral of the Madeleine, my number is 328-8941, ext. 104. I am happy to say that I am attending the National Diaconia, which I am certain will be a great experience of fellowship and formation.

It looks like our initial group, including my wife and I, will be around 6 or 7 people. We will be joined in January by a university student from Argentina. So, all Celini, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

St. Nicholas- pray for us.


  1. Hi Scott, this is Carlo.
    Just to remind you to send me an email so that I can have your email address. Cheers.

  2. Dear Carlo:

    It seems that great, or in my case, mediocre, minds think alike. Look for a communication this evening. Due to a cancelled flight I only arrived home today.

  3. Sorry about that Scott. I was able to make my way home (even if I arrived today 1.00 AM :).

  4. Deo gratias. I am home now, too. I sent the e-mail.


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