Sunday, December 2, 2007

Recently viewed films

Okay, I am back to watching films, one of my true passions. One little known fact is that among the possible college majors for me were Economics, which I studied for awhile and through a class on Marxist economics became infatuated with Philosophy, which was the degree with which I was graduated, History, my minor and close to a double major, and Film.

My two most recent films, between which I watched the entire first season of The Sarah Silverman Program, were Ratatouille and The Last King of Scotland. I am nothing if not a bit eclectic. Though rated R, I watched The Last King of Scotland with my adolescent son. We spent some time discussing the film afterwards. It was a good experience for him, a somewhat disconcerting one.

I was so happy that Forest Whitaker won a best actor Oscar for his role of Idi Amin, even without seeing the film, but now having seen it, his Oscar was well-deserved. This is a film adaptation of the novel by journalist Giles Foden of the same title.

Ratatouille, while a bit predictable, was fun. It is no surprise that it was one of the most critically acclaimed films of last year, given the dreadfulness of most movies released these days. As for Sarah, she's not everybody's cup-o'-tea, but she is mine. If you watch dear Sarah, viewer beware. I can recommend the other two films with no such caveats.

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