Monday, December 31, 2007

Καθολικός διάκονος- The year in review

I have listed below a post from every month of this past year that I think is my best post for that month. I did not consider my homilies for the monthly selection because they are not really blog posts and never get posted until after they are preached. Some months selecting even one post was difficult and other months selecting only one was difficult. It was a good exercise for me, like journal keeping, because I was able to see what I was doing and whether it drew me closer to God. I encourage all fifteen of my readers to share their favorite Καθολικός διάκονος moments from 2007 in the comments.

December- Romney's primary problem is not being LDS

November- Eastern Catholic Churches: An extended hierarchy update

October- Blogging: An aided reflection

September- To love is to suffer, or passion=desire

August- Absolute truths

July- Fighting God, who dares love me

June- A perspective

May Allen's imaginary papal paradox

April Life is stronger than death

March Paul on the agon, Part II

February Lenten observance

January Sacraments, Faith, and Belief

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  1. August - all of it. The "One" youtube clip. The "If I'm okay and you're okay..." comic. Just about anything concerning Advent, Lent, our Blessed Mother or any of the other Saints. The "You, Me, the Pope and our Bishop" post on the RCIA blog.


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