Friday, December 14, 2007

What happens when M.C. Hammer gets fused with Flashdance

I know it sounds snobbish in that annoying adolescent way, but the BBC series The Office is far superior to its pale U.S. imitation. Ricky Gervias is simply brilliant!

Anyway, don't be this guy at the office Christmas party. This, my fifteen friends, is our Friday traditio.

I also offer up, especially for my readers from The Cathedral of the Madeleine RCIA community, a summary of last evening's RCIA class on the sixth and ninth commandments, which deal with sexual morality, which includes a case study.


  1. And why not? These people standing there just staring are stupid and don't know real talent when they see it! Ha! I'd love this guy at my party. (Guess that's why I married Fronk).

    Happy Friday!

  2. That was dang funny. But at least he wasn't doing the boot scoot boogie!

    And thanks for the RCIA info.

  3. Okay, who is Fronk and does Frank know about him?

    I hope the info is useful. I always feel a bit disjointed discussing morality.

    If you have never watched the two season of the BBC The Office do yourself the favor. It's funny and poignant.


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