Monday, January 14, 2008

National Diaconia- anticipation

Msgr. Giusanni (l) w/ Fr. Carron
This weekend marks the annual National Diaconia meeting of Communion & Liberation in the United States. This will mark my first national meeting with the celini. So, I will be in Jersey City, New Jersey over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. I look forward to meeting many people with whom I have corresponded and spoken on the phone. Since we are right outside of the city, I hope to make the journey to NYC.

It would be really cool to make it to NYU on Sunday, where a former Philosophy professor of mine now teaches, to the conference by Fr. Julían Carron, Msgr. Giusanni's designated successor who now heads up CL, on the subject of Can Faith Broaden Reason? I am quite certain that the answer will be a resounding YES!, but look forward to taking the journey, like a calculus or algebraic equation, from question to answer. Fr.Carron will also introduce the English publication of a book by Msgr. Giusanni, Is it Possible to Live This Way? during the presentation.

My good friend Rocco, over at Whispers, has a very nice post on CL.

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