Sunday, February 3, 2008


One of the challenges of maintaining a blog, which is a way of communicating various things, not the least among which is one's self, or, at least how one sees the world and encounters reality, frames reality, is maintaining links. This maintenance mostly consists of adding links- in this regard it is very Catholic, we add to but do not subtract from Tradition. There are two new links this morning that appear under the My Own Personal Linkage heading.

The first is the blog Good Letters: The Image Blog. This is a weblog started by Greg Wolfe, the driving force behind Image, a wonderful quarterly journal of art and faith. I was deeply affected this morning by Ann Conway's post about a poet I had never heard of before this morning, Edwin Robinson.

The other new link, which is local in origin, is Glen Warhol's Salt Lake Crawler, which I read everyday, more than once. Of course, Warhol's blog does not have as wide an appeal as Good Letters, but lest anybody think SLC uninteresting, read Warhol and know the truth about our fair city.

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