Friday, February 1, 2008

"I know that I am only lashing out"

Dear Rich,

On this Friday, this day of penance, please pray for us. We miss you, miss your music. Tell Francesco and Chiara hello from all of us. Oh, and ask them to pray for us, too. With the whole band of heavenly Ragamuffins can you sing God a song for us and from us? Might I suggest Hard to Get? Anyway, I am using this song of yours for my Friday traditio, a silly thing I do on my blog.

With much love and gratitude,

The click at the end of this recording, recorded on a tape recorder purchased from K-Mart, reminds me that this was among the last recordings Rich made. These recordings were played and produced in studio after his death by friends and, along with these raw recordings, became the two disc The Jesus Record. On this Friday just before Lent I take comfort in knowing that only the wounded need a healer. I like that there is no video. This is a good follow up to my last post on feelings.

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