Sunday, February 28, 2016

A few things as I see them, literally

I make no claim whatsoever to be a photographer. However, I do enjoy snapping pictures when I am outside having fun, walking, or hiking. Below, as a Leap Year bonus, I offer a few of my pictures.

This first one is of a trail at a park near where I live. I took this picture last August:

Scott Dodge- 2015

The next picture is the same trail 6 weeks later:

Scott Dodge- 2015

The picture below I took today:

Scott Dodge- 2016

Last Sunday, which was another nice day, we hiked a trail for a mile or two with our three youngest children. As we were coming off the trail we saw what is captured in the photo below on the back of a sign:

Scott Dodge- 2016

On our way home today we stopped by the park where we sled in the wintertime to see if the snow had melted. It was pretty much all gone. As I stepped out of the car, the view was stunning. Below is what I saw:

Scott Dodge- 2016

Hopefully, that's a nice break from a lot of words. Hey, do something cool for Leap Year tomorrow.

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