Friday, November 7, 2008

Doin' the Jimmy Carter

This is just too cool not to post on a Friday because it's all about the dancing. The real question, the one asked on Politico by Daniel Libit, is "Can 'The Daily Show' Survive Barack Obama?"


  1. I was listening to NPR last week and they did an interview with one of the writers of Saturday Night Live, discussing something like this. They said that it is very hard to do the sort of humor with Obama that they did with Palin, because he is so quick that he is already in on the joke before the writers have fully formulated where they are going with it. While Palin sort of went along with being made fun of graciously, Obama actually is able to wholeheartedly get into making jokes about himself. The writer sort of put it that while Obama takes his job very seriously, he does not take himself very seriously.

    I dont see the Jimmy Carter thing too much. I rather liked Carter, still do, because he seems to have been the only president in the last three or four decades to actually have a firm grasp on his moral compass. Others have not had one at all, and with others they were not sure which hemisphere they were in

  2. Oh P.S. I just discovered this blog today. I am most impressed with it.