Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some things to consider

UPDATE: Man, I am tired! Belated diaconal bows to my dear sisters Sharon for the Albacete quote and Suzanne for the Cafardi and Douthat articles!

Here are two must read articles:

Ross Douthat's The Moral Obligation To Study Election Returns, in which he correctly chastises George Wiegel's take on the election, and

Nicholas Cafardi's The Republican Captivity, in which he criticizes a few, very vocal, bishops

I agree very much with a comment made by one Traductor, on a post over on Paper Clippings: "Catholics need to start proposing Christ and the possibility of a new humanity that is born out of the encounter with him. Some fights may be necessary, like protecting the freedom of Catholic works like hospitals, but history has shown that we will always be on the losing side of a war over 'values.' As Obama himself said, 'Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.' The bishops need to focus on educating their flocks, or else when and if they stand up, there may be no one behind them."

This puts me in mind, once again, of something Msgr Albacete said:
"We do not have the problem, or the mission, to construct a bridge between faith and politics. We do not have this problem. To have this problem and to attempt to solve it, already violates our humanity. Every single attempt to build this bridge has been a weakening of faith, or a betrayal of the Incarnation. And historically, there have been many attempts."


  1. When/where did Albacete say that? If there is more, I'd love to read it.

  2. Oh == I found the reference. It was the thing Sharon referred us to over on CP.


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