Friday, November 14, 2008

"I remember something you once told me..."

The evening before my birthday, I was sitting with my 3 year-old son. He noticed a circular sore on the back of my hand, and the base of my left thumb, a burn from working. He said: "Daddy, you have a hole in you." I replied silently, I have a lot of holes in me.

Anyway, this song is about home. I have posted it before, but it is worth another traditio. It is by Gram Parsons, a songwriter I admire greatly and is called Return of the Grevious Angel. This version is sung by the always lovely EmmyLou Harris and Ryan Adams:

Last evening, over on Cahiers, I posted a long post-election take on things- Political ambivalence unleashed. While long, it is not too rambling and does cohere. I prefer to think of it as comprehensive. I could easily break it into three separate posts, but that is more work than I care to do right now. I posted something else on the same blog- Debt. My comprehensive Cahiers post reminded me of one of my early election posts Huckenfreude!

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  1. I love Ryan Adams! I am going to see him in concert in February...thanks a lot for the post.


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